From schools, hospitals, retail stores, offices to restaurants we provide the best custom windows blinds solutions. Our commercial blinds are suitable for different demands and requirements to meet almost any commercial project big or small.


We offer a wide range of commercial blinds suitable for any purpose. With strength and simplicity our blinds are of high quality and durable. Our range includes Roller Blinds, Vision Panel Flaps, Cassetted Blinds, Blackout Units, Venetian Blinds, Laser Blinds and Vertical Blinds.

Insect Screens

Our Insect Screens are the perfect solution for almost all types of window or door openings. It has a strong mechanism with high-grade nylon fittings that ensures consistency of operation. It is made from a rot-proof PVC coated fibreglass mesh.


Our Anti-Ligature blinds are designed to give years of trouble-free service and are made specifically for high-risk mental health areas. These track systems uses magnetic wall-fix brackets. This ensures that, under excess load, the tracks separates from the bracket leaving no remaining points of ligature for safety.

Cubicle Tracking

Our cubicle divider track system, which is in use in many hospitals is designed to give years of trouble-free service. This divider track system is supplied with a curtain removal point as standard. We also provide a mobile curtain divider track system. Cubicle widths can be altered in seconds in response to changes in medical requirements. If a spare dividing rail is provided, an extra bed-space can be brought quickly into use if required – with patient privacy upheld and maintained.

Curtain Tracks

Our big range of curtains tracks starts from light weight tracks up to heavy duty tracks. Made from aluminium and will sustain any purpose. Tracks can be either hand drawn, cord drawn or electric.